What is the difference between Metaiot and Vehico? I am confused.
Metaiot is the parent company. We envision four major aspects of life. i.e Home, Transporation, You and your social life. We have started our journey with our first product in the transportation sector called Vehico.
Why should I get Vehico Fleet?
Vehico Fleet is a product designed especially keeping the issues of fleet owners in mind. If you are a fleet owner, there are a number of reason you should get Vehico.
  1. It helps you keep track of your business
  2. It helps you quantify metrics like Driver Performance and Vehicle Health which were based more on intuition than data.
  3. It helps to increase profits by taking actions on those metrics like saving on fuel due to less rash driving and retaining customers by making sure that your vehicle never breaks down in middle of a trip.
  4. It helps in analysing pattern in driving of driver so that you know which driver is suited best for what conditions.
For more details go to the Vehico Page. To get a detailed Idea about how each functionality works.
How to get Vehico Fleet?
Right now, you can get Vehico Fleet only in Bangalore by filling out the live demo form and let us reach out to you. It will be sometime before we are available in other cities and on a platform like Amazon or Flipkart.
Does Vehico Fleet work with my Car?
Vehico works with all new cars(manufactured after 2008) and the ones running with OBD II protocol.
Does connecting Vehico Fleet device voids the warranty of my car?
Vehico works on OBD II protocol. It's sole purpose to enable the service centers to read the code which has been causing trouble, instead of hit and trial method. Attaching vehico for sole purpose of reading the diagnostic trouble codes does not void the guarantee of the vehicle.
I am a business I like the idea of Vehico Fleet but not sure how much it would help? Anything I can do?
Okay so if you don't want to invest in buying and not working cycle and are unsure if it will be really helpful, We have the perfect solution for you. Fill the live-demo form here with your details and we'll do the rest. It's that simple. We are currently operating only in Bangalore
I live in Mumbai and I like Vehico Fleet. How can I get it?
Vehico currently(as of August 2016) is currently available in Bangalore only. But we are working hard to get to each one of you eagerly. To make our decision to exapand to your city first,please fill out the contact form with your request.
How do I pay for my Vehico?
Payment of your vehico can be done from the web-app or contacting us directly.
Can someone take control of my car using Vehico Fleet?
At Metaiot we take security very seriously. Vehico is designed to be a read only device and cannot instruct your vehicle to stop or start over the air. Rest assured we are adding more complex security features to bring you the best in class secured experience.
I am still not convinced with Vehico Fleet's security features and want to know more. What can I do?
We will be happy to answer any queries you might have. Please head over to the contact us page and write to us your specific query. We will answer them in the shortest time possible via the email id given.
Is Vehico Fleet Certified?
Vehico is currently undergoing certification and is EMI/EMC tested which is basic testing for any electromagnetic device. Rest assured the Vehico which will be delivered to you will be certified by a competent agency whose certification is valid in India.
What if I don't pay and still have a Vehico Fleet device connected?
Well, that's a bad situation, and you as a buisness owner should certainly avoid it but sometimes life can get in the way.You can call us for a maximum of 15 day extension and after 12 am on the final due date. The device will stop sending the data from the car, so you will not be getting any updates from your car from that point there on. But you will be able to view all the historical data from the car for the next 90 days. Post which your account will be suspended until you renew your subscription.
How does the Vehico Fleet warranty work?
The vehico is guranteed for replacement from one year of purchase if device is found to be non working. Physical damage and damage due to water entering Vehico Fleet are not covered in warranty. Post one year you will be charged a nominal amount for service and repair. The concerned device will be picked by our agent from your place at your convenience. All you need to do is make a phone call.
Will I know if My Vehico is uplugged?
Vehico Fleet will beep if disconnected from the Car's OBD Port so the driver will know. For the business owner we will let you know when the device was disconnected and for how much time once it is replugged into the system.
Can I use one Vehico device in multiple cars?
Vehico Fleet can be used with mulitple cars but in order to do that you need to first unplug it from your current car. Reassign your Vehico to another device by going to My Device and follow the instruction henceforth.
Can I change the sim card/service provider inside Vehico?
No you cannot change the service provider/SIM card nor the subscription. It comes attached with the Vehico Fleet. Any attempt to change to do so.
I want to upgrade my subscription how can I do it?
You can do it from the subscriptons option in our web app.
I have plugged in Vehico in my car's OBD port, but it isn't working. What should I do?
Oops!!! That wasn't supposed to happen. Please try detaching the device and go to the hardware FAQ to understand the blink pattern. If you are sure it is not working give us a call and we will make sure you guys are up and running shortly.
Can I get a guided demonstration on how the web application and the mobile app works?
Please go to here and send us your details. We will get back to you shortly.
I don't want to use Vehico anymore. What can I do?
We are extremely sorry to hear that. Do tell us why you didn't like the Vehico Fleet experience and we will make sure that you don't leave. But if you still don't want to continue with us, you will refunded ₹2000 for the return of a working device but no subsrciption amount will be refunded to you.
I can't find my question here, any places else I can look or ask?
You can check the hardware, software and data FAQ to get more insight on each part of data. If you can't find your question leave us a comment from contact-us page and we will reply to you shortly.
Who manufactures the Vehico Fleet hardware and where it is maufactured?
The complete hardware is designed and manufactured in India. The parts are sourced from various parts of India and assembled here in our office.
From where does Vehico draw it's power?
Vehico draws it's power from the car battery. But does not drain the battery in the process. It has intelligent power management built in it. Which keeps power consumption to it's lowest.
Can I leave vehico overnight in my car?
A battery last around 8-12 weeks when Idle. Vehico intelligently goes into low power mode when your car is shut down and switches itself off after 2 hours of inactivity. Affecting your car battery the least.
We are a upcoming startup and want to use Vehico's hardware. Is it available for licensing?
We are definitely up for the idea of HaaS(Hardware as a Service). We can look into possible use of our device as a licensed product for your company into similar space, but this is possible somewhere down the line but not now.
My car will be travelling in hilly region is very low or no internet connectivity. Can I still track my car?
Vehico uses something dark zone algorithm to keep you updated even when there is no internet connectivity. It would save all the data collected within that duration upto 4 hours and in between if it gets any network it will dump the data to the server. Thus trying it's best to keep you updated. If it is
How much is the cost of Vehico Fleet software. ?
Vehico Fleet is a complete solution which comprises of software as well as hardware. We don't sell software stand alone as of now.
Is there any chance of Metaiot coming up with developer SDK to help budding college students to leverage the data?
We at Metaiot absolutely love Open Source and are open to data being accessed by students, evanglists and hackers to build cool stuff on top of our framework, be it Smart Signals or Smart fuel management systems. This will be done without risking the privacy of our customer data.
Who pays for the data used by Vehico Fleet? How will I know if my data pack is over ?
Metaiot fits every device with a simcard. It pays for the data used by the device. Vehico Fleet uses very little data and we are very procactive with the recharge so there is a very little possibility that you'll ever run out of data.
Where is Vehico Fleet Data stored?
Vehico Fleet data is stored in data centers across the world in a highly secure fashion.