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At Metaiot, Everyday is a new challenge. We don't believe in chaining people to their core responsibility instead we encourage cross-culture role. It means that a data-scientist can learn about nuances of PCB design from his more experienced couterpart and a Sales guy could start his career as a Marketing analyst to increase his scope with help of his fellow team mates. We encourage you to learn as much as you can and expand your knowledge in ways you never imagined and learn about things you never thought you could learn. At Metaiot the hierarchy is flat and we make sure before making any important decision everybody's views are taken into account.

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The concept of Full Stack Hardware Designer is somebody who understands the complete Hardware Ecosystem which involves knowledge of both hardware and firmware.
Core competency required:
  • Circuit designing for instrumentation and automation
  • End to end implementation from functional requirements to schematic and PCB design
  • PCB design skills for safety and EMI/EMC compliance
  • Proficient in datasheet analysis for DFMEA (design failure mode effect and analysis)
  • Component selection knowledge for cost/performance optimization
  • Awareness of regulatory and certification processes, CE, FCC etc.
  • Experienced with high-precision, low-noise analog signal conditioning techniques
  • Trained in basic PCB assembly: hand and reflow-slodering techniques for SMD components
  • Firmware development for autonomous systems
  • Proficient in bare-metal coding (C,C++ and assembly if required) for multiple embedded platforms (8,16,32 bits) (in our case, preferred hands-on experience with ARM Cortex M microcontrollers)
  • Understanding of RTOS and reliability focused firmware development
  • Thorough, hardware level understanding of peripheral communication protocols, eg. UART, I2C, SPI, CAN etc.
  • Hadrware debugging experience using debuggers, oscilloscopes and logic analyzers
  • Experienced in implementing high-level communication stacks on device end, eg. USB, BLE
  • Knowledge of contemporary computer architectures and theory of operation

  • Circuit Design and Development of PCB for various use cases
  • Component Selection and Selecting manufacturing partners
  • Developing the firmware for the hardware created which should be coded in sync with the current industry best practices
  • Testing of the firmware code written